Fenwick update 11 March 2023

We are very pleased to confirm that NHS England have withdrawn the Fenwick site from the March auction for which we  thank them.  This is only a temporary measure, but we are grateful for NHS England continuing to engage whilst we seek local support for possible alternative uses of the site.

NHS England have a statutory duty to sell surplus assets for “best value”.  That presents financial challenges: whatever future use the Fenwick site is put to has to be commercially viable and supported both physically and financially by the people of Lyndhurst and the wider New Forest community. The League Friends of Fenwick Hospital (LoFF) are asking people to consider not only what they would like to be available, but would they actively support the facilities on offer through participation and also contribution?

The original donation of the property to the people of Lyndhurst by George Fenwick had the objective of promoting the health and wellbeing of the people of Lyndhurst and its neighbourhood, as does the charity, LoFF . Health and wellbeing can be quite widely drawn, but it is extremely unlikely anything that is front line medical or requiring CQC approval will be viable due to the expense required in bringing the property up to 21st century standards.

We need to be looking to complement the other services already available in the village and not to compete with them. This could potentially include additional providers where there is an under provision in the village or surrounding area. We have to be mindful that this is not a high street location, so any users are almost certainly going to need independent transport to the site and any providers cannot rely upon footfall or seasonal trade.

Meanwhile, the LoFF are working with various professional advisors to consider what options are feasible for the site.  They will be submitting next week a Planning Application (pre-application advice) to the New Forest National Park.  LoFF are using their available funds  to carry out investigative, and legal advice;  volunteer trustees give their time to engage with the NHS and others.

If you would like to contribute your time or donate, please email fenwickhealth@protonmail.com.

Please, if you have friends who may wish to be involved , tell them about this campaign and ask them to email LoFF for more information.

You can also see the Parish Council Fenwick campaign pages at: Fenwick Hospital Campaign | Lyndhurst Parish Council (lyndhurst-pc.gov.uk)