Clerk's Corner: Clerk’s Corner – April 2018

As I write this column we still have snow on the ground and I am preparing for our Annual Parish Meeting.

The time lapse between writing this column and you reading it sometimes means that the so-called news I have for you is old and even forgotten by the time it reaches you.

For April I can safely say that I hope that the snow will be old news.

Pretty to look at, fun for the children with their sledges on Bolton’s Bench hill, but treacherous on the roads.

Speaking of Bolton’s Bench hill, a big thank you to our Councillors – Fiona Green, Sutti Se-Upara and not forgetting our Chairman Mark Rollé – for turning out on the Sunday morning after the last fall of snow and collecting all the rubbish that people had left on the hill.

Mark managed to get it all into his Land Rover and took it to the Council tip at Marchwood.

Elsewhere in this What’s On you will find a short article written by Angela Trend, who is our Emery Down representative on the Parish Council.

With another hat on Angela is a dedicated historian and one of her present projects is to find out as much as possible about the Village Hall, which was formerly the WI Hall.

I have always thought it to be an interesting building and I am sure it has an equally fascinating history with some stories to tell.

If you have any information please contact Angela who will be delighted to hear from you.  Contact details are on the website.

We are fast approaching the end of the financial year and the next few weeks for me will be full of numbers and sums as I balance the books for another year.

As Responsible Financial Officer, as well as Clerk, this is something that has to be done and the governance aspect of the audit is becoming ever more important each year.

Moving on to the Cemetery, I was surprised when I visited at dusk recently to see how much solar lighting has been placed on individual graves.

Along with most Cemeteries in the area, this is not something that Lyndhurst Parish Council allow and we have this fact written into our rules and regulations (No 17 of the regulations printed in our Cemetery Information book as shown on our website).

If you do have a solar light on any grave or memorial please arrange for it to be removed.

Our photographic competition is now well uunderway and you will find an explanatory leaflet tucked into your What’s On.

Posters will also be going up shortly.

I expect many of you will have been out with your cameras taking photographs of the snow so that should be at least one of the winter months with a suitable photograph.

Another idea recently mooted is a survey that we will be sending round to all residents asking for their opinion about certain aspects of village life.

This will assist the Parish Council when it comes to formulating ideas for future projects.

The Parish Council office at 13 High Street once again hosted a Police Beat Surgery in March.

As well as our PCSO Richard Williams and members of the public we saw an impressive turnout of Parish Councillors coming along to lend a hand and listen to residents’ concerns.

Inconsiderate parking in Kings Close still seems to be top of the list although parking in other roads is causing problems as well and the subject was raised at our March Parish Council meeting although there is no easy solution.

At our March meeting, we welcomed David Donawa, the Community Speedwatch Co-ordinator in both Minstead and Lyndhurst and several residents from the Mill Lane area of Emery Down.

Most of this road is, in fact, in Minstead parish although there is obviously a knock-on effect in the portion of Emery Down within our parish.

They are very concerned about the sheer volume and speed of traffic on this road, particularly with the summer months approaching.

This will be an Agenda item at our April meeting and it is hoped that our County Councillor Edward Heron will be attending.

You may have noticed the posters in the High Street asking motorists to switch off their engines when they are idling in traffic.

This will cut down the pollution levels and there is a campaign taking place at the moment between HCC, NFDC and the local village school to try and ensure that we are all doing what we can to at least try to alleviate the problem.

Our next Parish Council meeting will be on Tuesday 10 April 2018 at 7.15 pm in Lyndhurst Community Centre.

Why not come along and see what your Parish Council can do for you.

Margaret Weston, Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer, Lyndhurst Parish Council, 13 High Street, Lyndhurst SO43 7HJ

(email: /tel: 023 8028 4928 or 023 8081 3218). 
The office is open to the public from 10.30 am until 1.00 pm on Tuesday and Friday mornings and by appointment at other times.



Margaret Weston - Parish Clerk

Why not come along to our Council and Planning meetings. There is an opportunity for members of the public to air their views at the commencement of the meeting.