This month I will reflect on our July Parish Council meeting and look forward to the coming month when for the only time in the year we don’t have a Parish Council meeting.  This gives me the opportunity to catch up with a few things that have been outstanding and start to make some plans for next year.

We are hoping to purchase a new piece of multi-use play equipment for the recreation ground and perhaps a roundabout as well.  The large item of equipment will be to replace the buccaneer ship and we hope to be able to invest in something metal this time so that it will last a long time with little maintenance.  We have had good service from the much-loved ship but we have established that wood is not the best material for play equipment when it comes to longevity.  Anyway, estimates are being obtained from some well-known companies and we will take it from there.

I have been asked about the grass cutting on the village greens which hasn’t been taking place as often this year.  This includes Great Mead as well.  I contacted NFDC and the response I have received indicates that HCC have dropped the number of cuts they finance from six to four and NFDC were also financing an additional four cuts but have dropped this to two cuts.  Therefore the difference in the length of the grass has occurred because we have lost four cuts per year.  Please continue to contact me if you have views on this matter or take your enquiries direct to NFDC.

The Parish Council has hosted a meeting between the residents of Wellands Road and the High Street traders who have access to unload via Wellands Road.  The problems experienced by the residents are not only specific to unloading but also include parking problems and speeding vehicles.  We hope we have managed to alleviate the problems to some extent and it was certainly a good opportunity to hear everyone’s views.

The topic of the Lyndhurst Park Hotel figured at our July meeting with several members of the public coming along to voice their concerns at the wanton vandalism that has taken place on site, particularly just recently.  There have been reports in the Press and calls for the owners of the site PegasusLife to do more to protect the building.  It will remain to be seen how the situation will develop over the next few weeks and months.  As you may remember the Parish Council tried to get the building listed and although that failed we also tried to get local listing protection but again were unsuccessful.  I have written to the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire and to PegasusLife asking both to take action with regard to the vandalism.

At our July meeting, Councillors discussed what could be done to prevent erosion of grass verges around the village, particularly Southampton Road, Goose Green and Shrubbs Hill Road.  I have written to HCC Highways to ask if any remedial action can be taken.

At the end of July we said goodbye to Councillor Elizabeth Chell who is moving out of the area.  Our next Parish Council meeting will be on Tuesday 12 September at 7.15 pm in Lyndhurst Community Centre.  Why not come along and see what your Parish Council can do for you.

Margaret Weston, Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer, Lyndhurst Parish Council, Woodlands, Fritham, Lyndhurst, Hampshire SO43 7HJ
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(Monday – Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm and Saturday 9.00 am to 12.00 noon).  Please try to avoid telephoning on Sundays and Bank Holidays unless it is an emergency.

At the present time, we are also trialling opening the Parish Office to the public at 13 High Street on Friday mornings between 10.30 am and 1.00 pm.  Opening hours will increase in time.


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