Clerk's Corner: Clerk’s Corner – August 2019

The Parish Council do not hold a main meeting this month, although we do have a Planning Committee meeting on 27 August (7.15 pm in Lyndhurst Community Centre).

Many of you will already know our latest recruit to the Parish Council in the form of new Councillor Chrissie Read.

Chrissie, until recently was very heavily involved in the local community as a business woman, firstly with a fruit and vegetable shop which latterly became a very successful florist.

Chrissie now works more regular hours and, having recently moved house, can devote time once again to the local community but this time as a Parish Councillor.

I am sure she will prove to be a very popular choice and her local knowledge will be invaluable, particularly with her experience of local events.

That brings me very nicely to another one of our projects – namely VE Day 2020 when Great Britain will commemorate the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe.

I don’t suppose that in 1945 there was much time to plan or resources to enable anything more than something basic but the relief that part of the war was over must have been immense.

The Far East had still to be conquered but that did come later in the year and the residents of our village must have joined the whole country on that day to commemorate the relief of the war coming to an end.

I keep wanting to use the word “celebration” and, of course, that isn’t really an appropriate description when so many people had lost their lives in the time since the outbreak of World War 2 in 1939 but I wonder if there are people in Lyndhurst who have stories to tell, albeit sometimes now second hand but which, nonetheless, would help us to know where to start with plans for the day.

Firstly, what day should we choose and how and where?

Would you be interested in helping to make this a special day?

If so, please come forward and get in touch now.

There are all sorts of ideas out there so do let us hear about them.

Our Councillors have been out and about around the village this month having a look at any highway issues that need to be reported to Hampshire County Council (as Highway Authority) for remedial action.

Whilst the usual pothole problems have come to light the survey has shown that they are not the main problem.

Overgrown trees and shrubbery onto the pavements and highways are a real reason for concern.

Please have a look outside your boundaries and see if you can assist by cutting back all the greenery as necessary – they are your responsibility but if you do not do so HCC will eventually come along, do it for you and present you with an invoice for the work involved as you will have contravened Section 154 of the Highways Act 1980.

Please don’t forget about the photograph competition for the 2020 calendar.

The closing date is the 31 August so there is still time to either go out and about around the village and the surrounding Forest and take some photographs or you could just have a look through the photographs you have taken during the last year or two and send some of those in.

The theme this year is “Contrasts” and full details are on our website or you can contact me if you require a hard copy.

We will once again be taking advertisements inside the calendar so if you advertised in 2019 and would like to do so again for 2020 please get in touch.

Banner advertising costs £60 per insertion but we do have some space for smaller advertisements this year as well as space for a full page (A4) advertisement.

We can also help with artwork so this really is value for money.

You may remember that some time ago the Parish Council promised residents an additional bus shelter.

It is to be placed outside the Thatched Cottage Park on Southampton Road on land very kindly donated by Mr and Mrs Hadleigh.

We have had a really hard time over this with the legal people, particularly as land registry has been so slow.

Anyway, we now have all the necessary paperwork and the shelter has been ordered.

We now await delivery and installation, probably not until early Autumn.

The Parish Council have been looking at a complete revamp down at Coles Mead Recreation Ground, where some of the children’s play equipment is now reaching the end of life stage.

We are only in the early planning stages at the moment and it will be necessary to obtain funding for the project.

There are also some ideas of having play equipment for very young children in Great Mead (3 – 7 age group) and it would be interesting to hear how residents, particularly parents of young children, would view this idea.

Great Mead has also been suggested as a community orchard, with Councillor Caroline Wilkins taking the lead on this one.

At the moment this idea is only in the formative stage so, once again, please let us have your thoughts on this subject.

The next meeting of Lyndhurst Parish Council will be held on Tuesday, 10 September 2019 at 7.15 pm in Lyndhurst Community Centre.

Margaret Weston, Clerk and RFO, Lyndhurst Parish Council,
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Margaret Weston - Parish Clerk

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