Clerk’s Corner – February 2021

Stating the obvious, here we are in February and Easter is round the corner. 

Perhaps I am getting a little carried away here because to be precise it is the middle of January as I write this column so I have no idea where we will be with lockdowns, etc by the time you come to read it. 

Someone said to me recently that at this time last year China was registered their first deaths from coronavirus but there seemed little likelihood that it would reach our country. 

How wrong can you be!

Anyway, we carry on here in Lyndhurst.  How lucky are we to live in such a fantastic place as the New Forest with so many lovely people caring about all the individual communities in which they live. 

Lyndhurst has the Community Hub, Welfare Charity and Food Bank, as well as the Parish Council, all of which are ready with assistance where necessary. 

I haven’t listed their contact details here but you can find them elsewhere in What’s On and on posters, etc around the village.

I see Tesco are advertising for staff now so it won’t be long before they open their doors.  Unfortunately, there will not be an access from the rear of the premises which was always so useful for carrying heavier shopping out to the car and for disabled drivers. 

However, it will be excellent to have another convenience store in our High Street and will help to revitalise our village when shops can all reopen again.

The Parish Council met in January via Zoom and we were pleased to welcome the six candidates who are standing for co-option for the vacancy for Parish Councillor. 

They bring varying skills and it is going to be a hard job for our remaining eleven Councillors to make the choice.

County Councillor Edward Heron attended our meeting and, as well as other information, told us about the new Hampshire Local Transport Plan.  More details can be found at

Unfortunately, the wet weather conditions have once again caught up with us and it now seems unlikely that we will be able to install the new children’s play equipment until March when the ground conditions are a bit drier. 

This is mainly due to the excavation works that will have to take place in order to accommodate the new safety surfacing. 

However, it will be well worth the effort to provide wet pour safety surfacing instead of the existing play bark surface.  Play bark is great in the summer months but can get extremely messy and muddy in winter. 

There will also be some new items of play equipment including, and this fills me with great excitement, a roundabout! 

Ever since I have been Clerk I have wanted a roundabout so I hope at least some of the children in our village feel the same.

You will no doubt remember that we asked residents for their nominations for Parish Awards for 2020.  Judging has now taken place and the results will be announced at our Annual Parish Meeting. 

This is due to take place on Tuesday 18 May 2021 but whether this can be face to face or relayed via Zoom remains to be seen.

Councillor Mark Rollé is looking at the possibility of a new CCTV package that will incorporate our CCTV installations at the new office, the Recreation Ground and the Cemetery. 

I will report more on this subject in the coming months.

I still don’t have a sponsor for the calendar so if anyone would like to come forward I would be very grateful to hear from them. 

It is generally agreed that residents like to receive the calendar so we will be going ahead with it at this stage but I am looking for £1,000 to secure its future for a further year. 

We are again looking for photographs and Councillors will be judging a month each.  Now we need someone to judge the overall winner – any ideas please? 

I am repeating the main rules again here so please start sending in your photographs:

Entrants can submit up to three photographs either as prints, slides or high resolution digital images and a minimum of 2336W x 1080H pixels sent in either .jpg or .raw files.

They may be in colour or black and white. Our calendar layout will be landscape in design and therefore all photographs should be capable of display in this format.

If the photographs come from a mobile phone or tablet the files need to be set to the highest manufacturer’s camera setting before the photograph is taken, once again 2366W x 1080H pixels.

Images may be digitally enhanced to remove spots or scratches, but not manipulated. Entrants can enhance the picture to make it brighter, clearer etc, but not manipulate the content.

Lyndhurst Parish Council and the judges reserve the right to exclude any image they believe may have been excessively treated so that it alters its authenticity. Images copied from outside sources cannot be used.

A full list of rules will appear shortly on our website


Margaret Weston - Parish Clerk

Why not come along to our Council and Planning meetings. There is an opportunity for members of the public to air their views at the commencement of the meeting.

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