Clerk's Corner: Clerk’s Corner – July 2019

Our June meeting saw a very full Agenda and commenced, as usual, with public participation when local resident Rashmi Stacey came to speak about the findings of the recently formed group, Campaign for Road Safety Group.

Over 100 questionnaires have so far been returned and it is obvious that people do take road safety around our village very seriously and feel that more should be done.

With regard to public participation at our meetings, members of the public need to register with the Clerk by close of business on the Friday preceding the meeting at the latest.

There is then a ten minute slot at the beginning of the meeting when they can air their views although it may not be possible to give an answer straightaway.

This is an ideal opportunity to voice your concerns about any matter where the Parish Council can advise or assist the public.

It was decided at our June meeting to move to a system of portfolio holders instead of Committees and reports will be made as necessary to the monthly parish council meetings.

Here is a list of portfolio holders:  Allotments – Councillor Wiltshire, Amenities – Councillor Bisson, Cemetery – Councillor Wiltshire, Community Engagement – Councillor Stratford, Community Speedwatch – Councillor Se-Upara, Environmental Matters – Councillor Wilkins, Neighbourhood Watch – Councillor Green, Recreation – Councillor Rollé, Youth Matters – Councillor Green and Preddy.

It has been decided to change and extend the present Parish Champion award to cover a wider spectrum of awards and to promote community involvement.

More information will be made known as it evolves but there will be a total of four awards as follows:  Community Spirit Award, Young Achiever, Contribution to a Better Environment and overall Parish Champion.

A draft action plan also came up for discussion and this will cover a whole spectrum of activities for the coming year.

I won’t write too much now but it will be available on our website.

The next item is not a new one but something that Councillors used to do a while ago and that is to have a walk around the village just to identify the smaller items that need to be reported either to HCC Highways or myself, as Clerk, if it is something that the Parish Council should be dealing with themselves.

This could include potholes in the road, faulty signage, overhanging shrubs and trees, faulty pavements or problems with bus shelters and public seating.

As I have said before, we do receive the small sum of £1,000 from HCC to go out around the parish and deal with some minor problems and the Parish Council also match fund this amount.

It is quite surprising what we can do with this money and it can be very satisfying to cut out the red tape.

By the time you read this report we will have a new Parish Councillor as only eleven residents put themselves forward for the position at the May elections.

I will be letting you know who was chosen next month.

I hope many of you are using the calendar that we supplied free of charge and delivered to all homes within the parish for 2019.

Reports back suggest that the calendar was a huge success.

It commenced with the photograph competition and there is still time to get your entries in before the closing date of 31 August 2019.

There will be one overall winner and their photograph will feature on the front cover as well as inside the calendar.

We will once again be taking advertisements inside the calendar so if you advertised in 2019 and would like to do so again for 2020 please get in touch.

Banner advertising costs £60 per insertion but we do have some space for smaller advertisements this year as well as space for a full page (A4) advertisement.

We can also help with artwork, so this really is value for money.

Following on from all the D-Day commemorative events that have, quite rightly, been taking place recently the Parish Council’s thoughts will soon be turning to what we can do in the village to commemorate and, in this case, celebrate VE Day in 2020.

There will be a change in the Bank Holiday date at the beginning of May – from the first Monday to the second Friday, ie 8 May 2020.

Many of you may have your own plans and I am sure ideas for celebrations with evolve over the coming months so please get in touch and let us know what you will be doing and what you would like to see the Parish Council do to mark the occasion.

Margaret Weston, Clerk and RFO, Lyndhurst Parish Council,
13 High Street, Lyndhurst SO43 7BB
(email: / tel: 023 8028 4928 or 023 8081 3218).

The office is usually open to the public from 10.30 am until 1.00 pm on Friday mornings and by appointment at other times.  When paying a visit to the office it is often advisable to telephone first as, with only one member of staff who is sometimes out on site, there are occasions when it will not be open at the above time and we ask for our residents’ understanding as this is unavoidable.



Margaret Weston - Parish Clerk

Why not come along to our Council and Planning meetings. There is an opportunity for members of the public to air their views at the commencement of the meeting.