Clerk’s Corner – June 2021

As I write this article we have just held our first face to face Parish Council meeting this year – two in fact, on the same evening. 

It seems a long time since we all got together in the same room and we were joined by two new Councillors, Jim Green and Jeannie Smith, as well as our County and District Councillors. 

Councillor Jim Green has taken on the role of Recreation Portfolio Holder and Tree Warden. 

Councillor Jeannie Smith will be assisting him with the Tree Warden role and she has a particular interest in Bank, where she lives. 

Both have already proved themselves to be very proactive and their fellow Councillors, Carole and myself look forward to working with them for the benefit of all things connected with Lyndhurst and its surroundings. 

We have been so pleased with the new children’s play equipment that we have decided to move forward with the next stage of the project, Zone 1, the play trail. 

This really does need replacing and Councillor Jim Green has gone out to ask as many local people as possible for their views on what they and their children would like to see in that area. 

We do have a limited budget for the work and much of the money will be taken up with financing the safety surfacing, which is always a costly item but general feedback tells us that it is far more popular than the play bark that was previously installed which was fine in the summer but awfully messy in the wetter, winter months.

The picnic tables that we had in the Recreation Ground proved impossible to salvage when the new safety surfacing was installed. 

They were fixed into the ground and the leg bases had rotted away. 

Would anyone like to donate a seat or would a group of people consider funding one? 

We can obtain really sturdy wooden picnic benches for a cost of £250 each but need some funding so that the remaining budget that we have for this year can be spent on the children’s play equipment. 

I am also looking for some grant aid but this is difficult to find nowadays.

Councillor Reeve, as Planning Committee Chairman, will be progressing the provision of a VDS with a draft statement using the results of the questionnaire. 

This will then be taken to residents to give them the opportunity to make comments.

The compostable toilet has now been installed in the Cemetery. 

Due to practicalities it can only be opened to the public during funerals and use of the Chapel. 

A generous grant of £2,000 has been received from NFNPA to assist in funding the project and this has been matched by a donation from a local resident.

Councillor Wiltshire, on behalf of RBL, has asked for some assistance from the Parish Council with regard to the organisation of the Remembrance Sunday Parade. 

LPC have already pledged £400 towards the cost of Remembrance Sunday itself. 

There may be at least one surprise this year and perhaps two so let us all hope that the event can go ahead this time without the problems of Covid restrictions that we experienced in 2020.

I would like to thank Councillor Fiona Green for the efforts she has made to provide tomato and a few other vegetable plants this year free of charge to anyone who would like them. 

This idea started during the first lockdown and was so popular that it was decided to do it again this year. 

Councillor Green has been very keen to thank others for their efforts and donations but I also think thanks are due to her for making it such a success as she has been in charge of co-ordinating the operation.

This year we held a shortened Annual Parish Meeting immediately before our May Planning Committee meeting and the Annual Report is available on our website. 

We are planning to hold a celebratory awards ceremony event later in the year when, we hope, everything will be more settled both for ourselves and for the Community Centre, where the event will be held.

We do not have a Parish Council meeting in June so our next main meeting will be
held on Tuesday 13 July in the Pine Hall at the Community Centre commencing at 7.15 pm. 

We have a Planning Committee meeting on Tuesday 22 June.

Margaret Weston, Clerk to Lyndhurst Parish Council (telephone: 023 8081 3218)
email:  Visit our website at


Margaret Weston - Parish Clerk

Why not come along to our Council and Planning meetings. There is an opportunity for members of the public to air their views at the commencement of the meeting.

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As I write this article we have just held our first face to face Parish Council meeting this year – two in fact, on the same evening.

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