Clerk’s Corner – March 2021


Parish Council meetings continue to be held via Zoom for the time being and the Government is recommending that we should use this method until the beginning of May, at least. 

Of course we will have to wait and see how quickly restrictions are lifted before any decisions are taken. 

Face to face meetings will return to the Community Centre when this is possible although it is likely that social distancing measures will be in place for some time.

It has long been the custom not to publish our minutes on our website until they have been ratified at the following Parish Council meeting. 

However, the decision was taken at our January meeting to publish minutes approximately one week after the meeting has taken place. 

Hopefully, this will keep residents informed more quickly of decisions taken by Councillors. 

Of course, residents are still very welcome to attend our meetings and hear about our work first hand.

We continue to make progress with the lease for Wellands Road Football Ground and agreement has now been reached between the Parish Council and the Senior and Junior Football Clubs to enable us to go forward as a group to ensure the future of the ground and improve the facilities. 

This will also include a small pocket of land behind the Fire Station and will allow us to have a pedestrian footpath from Southampton Road to the Recreation Ground. 

Progress is slow but is out of our hands and rests with the various legal teams but I am confident that this package will lead to a very exciting prospect for the village and will provide long overdue facilities. 

It will also give us the opportunity to look after and nurture some of the more natural areas of the Recreation Ground for everyone’s peaceful enjoyment and may also provide an educational resource as well.

For the moment we are still situated at 13 High Street, although work is progressing on the new office at the Community Centre now that the Library is no longer situated in that building. 

Walls have been erected and the space at the rear is being formed into a purpose built office space. 

When the move does take place and once we are allowed to do so we will have defined times when the office will be open and it will also be possible to arrange appointments. 

On a personal note I would like to thank our Chairman for negotiating a very fair package for the Parish Council which I hope will also benefit the Community Association. 

I would also like to offer thanks to the Community Association (both Trustees and staff) for the very welcoming way they are accommodating us and I look forward to the two organisations going forward hand in hand for the benefit of the entire community.

We still don’t have a sponsor for the calendar but I shall be going out looking for adverting shortly. 

A banner advertisement as in previous years costs £50 so please let me know if you would like to support us and also gain some advertising for yourself or your business. 

It is a really good way of raising your profile for a whole year. 

The closing date for photographs is 31 April 2021 so please do go out in early Spring and take some Forest views, etc when the weather improves. 

It is also a good time to have a look through the photographs you have already taken at various times of the year and see if there are any that you would like to submit. 

I have again repeated the main rules so that as many of the photographs as possible that are received meet the criteria. 

Each year we aim for high quality printing but can only do so if the photographs are good quality.

Entrants can submit up to three photographs either as prints, slides or high resolution digital images and a minimum of 2336W x 1080H pixels sent in either .jpg or .raw files. They may be in colour or black and white.

Our calendar layout will be landscape in design and therefore all photographs should be capable of display in this format.

If the photographs come from a mobile phone or tablet, the files need to be set to the highest manufacturer’s camera setting before the photograph is taken, once again 2366W x 1080H pixels.

Images may be digitally enhanced to remove spots or scratches, but not manipulated.

Entrants can enhance the picture to make it brighter, clearer etc, but not manipulate the content.

Lyndhurst Parish Council and the judges reserve the right to exclude any image they believe may have been excessively treated so that it alters its authenticity.

Images copied from outside sources cannot be used.

A full list of rules will appear shortly on our website

Our March meetings will be held as follows:

Tuesday, 2 March 2021 at 7.15 pm Extraordinary Parish Council meeting held by Zoom to discuss and pass a resolution on the Parish Council’s recommendation to NFNPA on the latest Lyndhurst Park Hotel planning application.

Tuesday, 9 March 2021 at 7.15 pm Parish Council meeting held by Zoom.

Tuesday 23 March 2021 at 7.15 pm Planning Committee meeting held by Zoom.

Margaret Weston, Clerk to Lyndhurst Parish Council
Telephone: 023 8028 4928 or 023 8081 3218
Visit our website at


Margaret Weston - Parish Clerk

Why not come along to our Council and Planning meetings. There is an opportunity for members of the public to air their views at the commencement of the meeting.

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