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Clerk's Corner: Clerk’s Corner – May 2018

I have been asked by the Community Speedwatch Team to mention that they are keen to find some more volunteers.

This is not an onerous task but if you have a few hours to spare each month it is a very worthwhile way of spending them.

Volunteers stand at the side of the road in designated places and record the speed of any vehicle they consider might be breaking the speed limit.

Lyndhurst Parish Council has its own equipment which can be used in suitable places where there are 30 mph speed limits.

Some of you will have heard of a non-native plant called Himalayan Balsam.

This is an invasive species and the landowner must organise for its removal.

Unfortunately, we have some in our allotment gardens.

We have met with Catherine Chatters from the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust and she is organising a balsam pull on 22 May between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm.

If you would like to become a volunteer please get in touch with me and I can let you have a form.

The Trust will provide insurance and a risk assessment and this is a very worthwhile way of spending a few hours as the balsam is situated near the source of the Beaulieu River and is now causing problems downstream.

Last month I touched on our photographic competition.

Please look out around the village for information and start taking and submitting photographs.

There is an opportunity for local businesses to advertise in the calendar – a whole year of advertising going into every home in the parish.

We will also be printing information about local non-profit making groups and organisations.

Advertisements in full colour start at £50 each for 7cm x 6.5cm.

Do get in touch if you would like more information.

Our April meeting was attended by a group of residents of our parish as well as Minstead who are concerned about the volume and speed of traffic travelling along Mill Lane and Blackwater Lane.

Apart from 200 yards, these lanes are both in the parish of Minstead but, of course, any steps that are taken to try to alleviate problems could well have a knock-on effect in both parishes.

Our County Councillor Edward Heron was present at the meeting and was able to give us information on what steps will be taken.

This mainly consists of additional warning signage to try to prevent large vehicles using these roads which are narrow and single track with passing places in some instances.

Signage should be clear and placed to give sufficient warning.

It doesn’t help either that nowadays SatNavs insist on sending people down these roads when there is traffic congestion in other places.

It was also noted that a considerable number of dragon’s teeth along the roads have now been damaged or removed and we hope that they, along with replacement of white lines, will be reinstated.

Councillor Heron also reported that HCC would be conducting traffic surveys along this stretch of road to assess the volume and type of vehicle using it.

At our April meeting, I was asked to point out that the Parish Council have the sum of £1,500.00 in grant aid to give out to organisations from within the parish who have specific projects that would benefit our residents.

More information and forms are available on our website or contact me if you would like this sent to you.

Councillors will be considering grant applications at their meeting on Tuesday, 11 September 2018.

Can I please remind residents of their riparian responsibilities.

These relate to any landowner who has a river, stream or ditch that is both inside and outside their property.

In the case of the outside of the property, landowners do not always realise that if they have a river, stream or ditch outside their property between their boundary and the edge of the road or pavement it is their duty to keep it clear and any water running freely.

If you have a hedge or trees that abut a road or pavement you must also ensure that it does not cause an obstruction.

I am pleased to be able to report that a dog chute has been installed into the fencing alongside the open forest on the A35 northbound.

The problem of residents not being able to gain suitable access to the open forest with their dogs was highlighted by a local resident and following some negotiations with HCC the new dog chute is now in place and I hope it will be well used.

This was a good example of two tiers of authority working together – good communication.

Recently Councillor Fiona Green reported to me that she was concerned about the number of people feeding forest stock out on Boltons Bench.

I contacted the Forestry Commission and they have put up some new signage alerting people to the problems and have offered to work with LPC to gain a better understanding for everyone.

Our next Parish Council meeting will be on Tuesday 8 May 2018 at 7.15 pm in Lyndhurst Community Centre.

Why not come along and see what your Parish Council can do for you.

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Margaret Weston - Parish Clerk

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