Clerk's Corner: Clerk’s Corner – May 2019

Pat, Angela, Mark, Karl and Peter
Pat, Angela, Mark, Karl and Peter

May will see Town and Parish Council elections in many areas but not in Lyndhurst.

Only eleven names went forward for the twelve places available and so all were returned unopposed.

The Parish Council will, at their May meeting, commence the process of co-opting another member.

Our two new Councillors are Barbara Preddy and Brice Stratford.

So, before we look forward to the new Council, we look back at the three Councillors who did not seek re-election, namely Pat Wyeth, Angela Trend and Peter Burrows, seen here with Chairman Mark Rollé and former Councillor Karl Kaljura who also received recognition at the April meeting.

Pat was a Parish Councillor for over 30 years and our District Councillor for nearly 30 years.

During that time there have been many changes but a lot of topics coming before the Parish Council have remained the same.

Angela served on the Parish Council for approximately 13 years and has always been our heritage/historical expert, leading on quite a few projects and was a stalwart in producing the Lyndhurst Area Plan.

Peter was co-opted onto the Council approximately three years ago and, as a resident of Bank, has kept us fully informed regarding the outlying area of Bank, Allum Green and Gritnam.

Also in the photograph is Karl Kaljura who recently left the Parish Council and was instrumental in getting the youth of our villages a skateboard park they can be proud to use.

If there is anyone from the area who would like to stand for co-option in the near future please get in touch with us  as we would be very pleased to hear from you.

A new memorial tree has been placed in the circle of remembrance, following the demise from storm damage of the last one which had been in this position for approximately 20 years.

We also have two more new memorial trees given for a loved one so if this is something you would like to hear more about please get in touch for more details.

We can provide and plant a tree at a reasonable cost and you just have to provide a memorial plaque if you would like one, although there is no obligation to do so.

In case anyone is wondering what is happening about the Parish Office at 13 High Street I will give a brief update as many of you will have seen reports in the Lymington Times stating that it would be closing.

Whilst these reports, at the time, were perfectly factual and well reported circumstances have now changed and we will be staying in the Parish Office for the foreseeable future.

Measures will be taken to ensure that we are working as economically as possible and to pursue any cost saving measures that are practical and we will also be looking at other options for the future.

Margaret Weston, Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer,
Lyndhurst Parish Council, 13 High Street, Lyndhurst SO43 7HJ
(email: / tel: 023 8028 4928 or 023 8081 3218).

The office is usually open to the public from 10.30 am until 1.00 pm on Friday mornings and by appointment at other times.  When paying a visit to the office it is often advisable to telephone first as, with only one member of staff who is sometimes out on site, there are occasions when it will not be open at the above time and we ask for our residents’ understanding as this is unavoidable.


Margaret Weston - Parish Clerk

Why not come along to our Council and Planning meetings. There is an opportunity for members of the public to air their views at the commencement of the meeting.