Clerk's Corner: Clerk’s Corner – October 2017

It was back to a very busy schedule in September and it looks as though it will be the same going forward into October.

PegasusLife representatives came to Lyndhurst to give a presentation just prior to submitting their new planning application for the Lyndhurst Park Hotel.

I feel I must stress that this was in no way a consultation to gain our views but a straightforward presentation.

The application is now on the NFNPA website and the application number is 17/00732.

Please be aware that our Councillors cannot give their opinion on the application until it has been discussed and a recommendation made by LPC to the planning authority.

Two of our Councillors also serve on the NFNPA Planning Committee and there is every likelihood that the application will go to Committee.

Therefore Councillors Wyeth and Bisson are unable to give their opinions until after that meeting has taken place.

There has been another development regarding the Lyndhurst Park Hotel, in that local resident and historian Brice Stratford has discovered information showing that an addition to the hotel (then known as Glasshayes) in 1912 had been designed by no less than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

This focused on the east wing and included the addition of a third storey and redesign of the front entrance façade.

At our September meeting LPC were asked if anything could be done about the on road car parking in Kings Close.

I think it is true to say that many residents are now inconvenienced by parking in our side roads by motorists who then leave their cars for quite considerable periods of time, sometimes all day.

Another question during the Agenda item on public participation related to the lack of a Post Office on the High Street and the simple answer is that we don’t have any information at the present time.

I did have a letter from the Post Office to let me know that they were trying to find some resolution but that is all we know for now.

We had an Agenda item in September for traffic issues as I think we can all agree that it seems to have been even worse around our village and the New Forest in general this year.

I know we say this every year but I don’t think it can be denied.

Of course, the worry is that this can only get worse because the Government is pressing for more new houses and the NFNPA seem very keen to promote tourism in the New Forest.

All this comes without any infrastructure to deal with the extra traffic.Highlighted during the meeting was

Highlighted during the meeting was appalling situation now being experienced by residents in Emery Down where traffic is regularly gridlocked during peak times, bank holidays and frequently at other times too.

SatNavs are directing motorists down Mill Lane and the C17 when there is congestion on other roads and we were told this is even affecting Pikes Hill as well.

The Parish Council has put forward an idea to the Traffic Management Team at NFDC who are working in partnership with HCC Highways to formulate traffic management schemes for the New Forest.

Thank you to all the residents who have visited me in the last month with issues relating to the Parish Council (and some other queries that I have tried to channel in the right direction).

Please remember that the office is only open on Friday mornings without appointment although you can ring or email and make an appointment at other times.

The Recreation Committee held a meeting recently and a new piece of multi-use play equipment was chosen to replace the buccaneer ship which is fast approaching the end of its useful life.

We will also have to replace another two small items shortly – two new “springees” will be purchased, one of which will accommodate up to six children.

It has been decided not to purchase any more wooden play equipment.

It may cost less but the life of the equipment and cost of maintenance do not stack up well.

Our next Parish Council meeting will be on Tuesday 10 October 2017 at 7.15 pm in Lyndhurst Community Centre.


Margaret Weston - Parish Clerk

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