Call: 023 8028 4928/023 8081 3218

Call: 023 8028 4928/023 8081 3218

Committee Representation

Committee Structure

April 2017 to March 2018 (inclusive)

Allotment Committee

Councillors Wiltshire & Dunning

Amenities Committee

Councillors Bisson, Burrows, Green, Trend & Wyeth.

Cemetery Committee

Councillors Wiltshire, Burrows, Green, Rollé, Trend & Wilkins

Planning Committee

Councillors Bisson, Burrows, Dunning & Se-Upara

Recreation Committee

Councillors Rollé, Dunning, Green & Trend

Representatives on Outside Bodies

April 2017 to March 2018 (inclusive)

Village Decorations Committee – Councillor Bisson

Public Transport – Clerk/RFO if deemed necessary

Village Twinning Committee – Councillor Trend

Lyndhurst Welfare Charities – Councillors Wyeth & Trend

NFALC – Councillor Bisson

Chamber of Trade – Councillors attending in other capacities to report as necessary

New Forest Consultative Panel – Chairman & Vice Chairman

Royal British Legion – Councillor Wiltshire

Community Speedwatch – Councillor Se-Upara

Chairman and Vice Chairman to be invited to attend all Committees.

A quorum will consist of two Councillors and the Clerk.