The Parish Council is working with the League of Friends of Fenwick Hospital (LoFF) to save the Fenwick Hospital site for the benefit of the Lyndhurst community provided a sustainable purpose can be identified.

Fenwick Hospital: a timeline

1838 Tithe Map Plot 94. Garden and yard. Owned by Northerwood House.
1908 Mr George Fenwick of Allum Green built the hospital “To the Glory of God and the benefit of the suffering poor of Lyndhurst and the neighbourhood”
1909 Hospital opened. 10 Beds. Operating Theatre, Kitchen.
1913 Telephone installed (Lyndhurst 31)
1922 Nurses Quarters opened
1923 Maternity Unit started
1926 Capacity increased to 17 beds
1932 Wireless installed.
1936 Capacity increased to 20 beds.
1936 Children’s Ward added.
1937 Emergency Gas lighting installed
1943 Emergency hut 20 more beds.
1946 Physiotherapy Department opened.
1948 Hospital passed into the hands of National Health Service.
1955 League of Friends of Fenwick Hospital (LoFF)  formed.
1966 LoFF gifted electro cardio machine.
1968 LoFF introduced Car Service.
1970 LoFF installed radio system.
2002 LoFF appeal funds Day Centre.
2005 NHS close hospital and transfer inpatient services to other units.
2006 2,000 plus signed petition organised by FOLS (Friends of Lyndhurst Surgery) and LoFF
2007 Public Consultation supported by HCC and NFDC
2007 Hampshire PCT approve Social Enterprise Fenwick2 for LoFF  in partnership with SCiA (Social Care in Action) to run Health and Wellbeing Centre at Fenwick.
2008 Fenwick refurbishment completed.  Health and Well-being centre opens in main building and Southern Health lease Stable Block (smaller building)
2008 NHS gift freehold to Fenwick2 secured by £850k charge protecting asset from exploitation.
2020 LoFF receive bequest of £600,000 from Fenwick family member.
2021 Fenwick2 draw up investment plans for part of main building to be converted to holiday lets for disabled clients and their carers.
2022 NHS England will not waive their charge to enable investment to proceed to keep Fenwick open.
2022 SCiA decide to withdraw from Fenwick2 by end of July.
2022 LoFF launches campaign to keep Fenwick2’s Health and Well-Being centre open.