Develop an emergency plan

  • Check that you have adequate household and contents insurance.
  • Find out how and where to turn off power, gas and water supplies.
  • Store important documents in a fire or waterproof container or safe deposit box.
  • Keep a list of emergency phone numbers near the phone.
  • Decide how your family will share essential tasks, such as collecting children from school and checking on elderly neighbours.
  • Arrange for an out-of-town friend or relative to be a contact point.
  • Find out whether your local district or borough council has a detailed plan on how they will deal with an emergency in your area.
  • Prepare an emergency survival kit (or ‘grab bag’) and keep it handy.

Including pets in emergency plans helps your family’s ability to respond to an emergency. Be prepared, make a plan and prepare an emergency kit for your pet.

Make sure your pet(s) wear collars and tags with up-to-date contact information and other identification. Microchip your pet(s) – this is one of the best ways to ensure that you and your pet are reunited if you are separated. Always be sure to register the microchip with the manufacturer and keep your contact information up-to-date with the microchip company.

Have a Grab Bag

A grab bag can be incredibly useful to have ready in an emergency. It should contain everyday items that will help you to manage for a short period of time until help is available to return to normal.

What to include in the ‘grab bag’:

  • A battery-operated (with spare batteries) or wind-up radio
  • A battery-operated (with spare batteries) or wind-up torch, candles and waterproof matches
  • Comfortable shoes
  • A first aid kit and manual
  • A combination pocket knife
  • Medications, toiletry and sanitary supplies and a change of clothes
  • Anything additional that infants, the aged and people with disabilities may need, if appropriate
  • Bottled water
  • Pet food and water, if appropriate
  • Blankets
  • Money
  • A mobile phone and charger
  • Strong plastic bags for clothing, valuables, documents, and photographs