Lyndhurst Twinning Association

Lyndhurst Twinning Association

Lyndhurst in the New Forest has been twinned with the village of La Chevrolière, Loire-Atlantique, France since 1990.

It lies some 15 kilometres south-west of Nantes, near to the nature reserve of Le Lac du Grand Lieu and is a community similar to Lyndhurst, with 5000 residents.

La Chevrolière is situated in a prosperous area of sunshine, vines (Muscadet), market gardening and light industries.

The aim of the Twinning Association is to foster friendship between people of all ages and backgrounds.

Over the years, many very firm friendships have been formed.

Our Association is one of the most successful and long-standing Twinning Associations in the New Forest.

Exchange visits are organized each year, the hosting alternates between the two villages, during the course of which there is a programme of events.

There are also other occasional special interest visits in between the official exchanges e.g. sporting, cultural and social activities.

Twinning visits are much more than just a holiday abroad.

They provide an opportunity for families and individuals to make regular visits to a particular part of another country, and, by experiencing first-hand life in a household, to gain a better appreciation of different attitudes and customs.

Speaking a little of the host language is helpful but not at all essential, however, a willingness to try a few words always goes down well.

If you would like to be involved, why not become a member?

We hold occasional social events in addition to the annual exchange visit and there are therefore opportunities to meet other local people who have similar outlooks and interests.

Contact Jan Wheat (Chairperson) for further details…