Sculptors of a man and women with a Dog made from hedging

The Parish Council allotment site is located adjacent to Westwood Road and Pikes Hill Road on 9 acres of land leased from Forestry England.

The site has 116 plots of which 5 are used as a community orchard.  This contains a variety of fruit trees.

The allotment plots range in size from 116sqm to 552sqm.  There is an annual fee for leasing an allotment and these range from £25.00 – £80.00 depending on the size of the plot.

If you have ever considered the rewards of growing your own fruit and veg, then now could be the time to take things further.

Please think carefully, though, about other commitments you may have, as plots do not take care of themselves and time is required to cultivate the area and keep on top of the weeds and other general maintenance.

To be added to the waiting list please contact the Clerk at clerk@lyndhurst-pc.gov.uk

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