Responsible Finance Officer


Carole joined local government in 1994 working for Social Services on the closure programme at Tatchbury Mount Hospital which moved adults with learning disabilities into residential community homes.

She moved into Education in 1997 working for Governor Services and finally joined Priestlands School in 2006 as a Business Manager responsible for Finance, HR, Payroll, Investment, Projects, H & S and everything else apart from teaching.

Carole oversaw the conversion from a local authority school to an academy school in 2011 and successfully submitted grant applications to the DfEs totalling over 4 million pounds to convert dilapidated buildings into buildings fit for current use.

In 2020 Carole made the decision to retire from this post and took up the post as Responsible Finance Officer for the parish council working 6 hours per week.

Role of the Responsible Finance Officer

Like any other local authority, a local council must arrange for the proper administration of its financial affairs, and secure that one of its officers has responsibility for the administration of those affairs. This officer is called the ‘Responsible Finance officer’.

It is their duty to determine the form and content of the accounts and supporting records, subject to ant directions from the council and in compliance with the Accounts and Audit (England) Regulations 2015 (SI 2015 No 234). They must ensure that the records are maintained in accordance with ‘proper practices’ and kept up to date. The proper practices are prescribed by the Secretary of State in England.